Smart. Curious. Pragmatic. Distinctly X by 2.

The moment you meet our team, you’ll notice it: an unmistakable curiosity. 

X by 2ers are driven by the need to know. And not just the fundamentals of data structures, programming concepts, and databases. But why architectures and approaches work, why projects succeed, what’s happening in industries like insurance and healthcare, and where the latest technologies are heading.

We’re also driven by a few strong beliefs:

Our penchant for hands-on problem solving, and our willingness to challenge all assumptions in the search for stronger, more effective solutions. 

Our love of simplification – artfully deconstructing complexities into simpler, more manageable pieces.

Above all, our guiding belief that good software will never be a commodity.

Handpicked from environments where performance, versatility, and initiative take center stage, X by 2ers are resourceful by nature, articulate, confident in our abilities, yet candid about our limitations.

Our teams are lean and effective. No redundancies. No dead weight. Just a group of hands-on architects, with a talent for hands-down performance.