The proof of the pudding, as they say,                            is in the eating.

Enterprise Document Management

The Client

A national company serving the life, home, auto and business insurance market for nearly a century, our client has over 5,900 agencies in 25 states, 74 branch locations, and more than 34,000 independent agents.

Business Situation

An established leader in the national insurance industry, our client has a long-term commitment to outstanding customer service to its agents, policyholders and claimants. This commitment leads them to continually assess the effectiveness of in-place technologies, investigate new technologies, and analyze options for enterprise-wide initiatives that further the company’s service excellence.

The client had identified a business need to further enhance customer service and internal processes by moving to a paperless environment. The company had invested in three document management systems – ImageRight, Mobius, and DocuCorp – each utilized for specific functions within various areas of the organization. The client determined the need for an independent analysis to identify the most appropriate system, or systems, for their current and future needs at the lowest possible cost, and a roadmap for execution.

Services Provided

  • Business Due Diligence
  • Package Evaluation
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Application Architecture and Strategy
  • Integration Architecture and Strategy

Our Work

X by 2 first conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s business vision, goals and objectives, documented the “as-is” and “to-be” processes, performed a gap analysis, and developed evaluation criteria for the three systems in current use. To generate consensus on the vision and requirements, X by 2 brought together representatives from business line and staff functions such as policy, claims, billing, HR and IT.

Faster access to policy and claims documents throughout the enterprise, and online by agents and the policyholders, was a key aspect of the company’s plan for service excellence.

X by 2 identifi ed distinct user groups,including those within the company requiring full access to documents, and those outside the company – such as the policyholders who required only minimal access such as viewing capabilities – and prioritized the functional requirements of each.

The existing systems were then analyzed relative to the functional needs of the various user groups, the technology architecture, capabilities for integration with legacy systems, and total costs of ownership. X by 2 recommended a course of action that will meet business objectives and fulfill the needs of the enterprise.

X by 2 also developed a roadmap for execution that took into consideration the relative urgency of needs, the business impact and potential return, field vs. headquarters geography, and the skills and profiles of users and committed champions. The roadmap provided a rollout strategy, technical implementation, and a cultural change management and communications approach.

Benefits Realized

X by 2’s analysis and recommendations were presented to the CEO, CIO, and others, and embraced by the company leadership. Our client acquired the solution, created a document management execution group, and has begun the process of implementing document management across the enterprise. The client realized the following benefits:

  • Speed: X by 2 completed the document management strategy and solution evaluation in 8-10 weeks, and the client avoided the long cycles they had experienced with internally-run projects.
  • Independent assessment: While different constituencies favored different approaches and solutions, X by 2 provided an unbiased, independent assessment and evaluation that was accepted by all stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: The client achieved a key objective –gaining knowledge about the approach to execute such strategy, solution evaluation, and architecture exercises in rapid fashion.