The proof of the pudding, as they say,                            is in the eating.

Architecture Audit

The Client

A healthcare software solutions provider that provides a wide range of information technology solutions for healthcare including enterprise long term care systems, performance measurement, quality improvement systems and infection prevention and control software.

Business Situation

X by 2 had just completed an in-depth architecture review and audit of the long term care application suite described above on behalf of another X by 2 client.

Once our findings were presented by this client to the key executives at the software solutions provider, their Chief Information Officer engaged X by 2 to develop a roadmap to address the architecture gaps that X by 2 had identified earlier.

The CIO wanted to develop a plan to move the product to a more contemporary, n-tier architecture in order to improve overall product quality and robustness and introduce SOA concepts. He also wanted to ensure industry technology and architecture best practices were employed to improve scalability, monitoring & debugging, and integration of their core solutions offering.

Services Provided

  • Architecture Audit
  • Application Architecture and Strategy
  • Architecture Oversight
  • Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring

Our Work

X by 2 architects and technologists worked with the software provider’s CIO and key architects and technologists to establish the logical and technical architecture, the physical platform, and an actual plan and timeline for implementing the new architecture.

The roadmap took into account considerations such as incremental vs. big bang release, time to market, change management issues with customers and end users, etc. Once the roadmap was created, an X by 2 team worked with their team to begin implementing the architecture recommendations.

The implementation involved X by 2 specialists developing and guiding a product development team at the software provider to develop a framework infrastructure that will serve as a foundation for the desired application architecture. This framework was to be used in the construction of a (real world) pharmacy application and functionality.

Among other things, the framework provided for fundamental web application infrastructure services such as session management, form-to-entity binding, navigation, exception handling, business objections handling, data access interface, logging, etc. The goal of the engagement was also for X by 2 to assist in transitioning the existing application to the architecture and platform envisioned.

Benefits Realized

  • Improved customer confidence resulting from a more modern architecture adhering to industry best practices.
  • Ability to be responsive to customer needs and changes because of the improved architecture.