The proof of the pudding, as they say,                            is in the eating.

Enterprise Financial Management

The Client

A leading financial services company that has been dedicated to helping people ease their financial pressures, solve financial problems use credit wisely.

Business Situation

Our client’s mission is to be recognized as the highest quality provider of innovative financial strategies, solutions, and services that enable people to realize their financial goals. They embarked on a major effort to overhaul their operations and technology, to achieve this mission. The strategy called for revamping major business processes and core Customer, Financial, and Partner Management applications.

Services Provided

  • Application Architecture and Strategy
  • Integration Architecture and Strategy
  • Detailed Design
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Software Development
  • Performance and Scalability Optimization
  • Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring

Our Work

X by 2 worked with operations and technology leaders within the company to first complete a detailed business process mapping exercise. We then developed an application strategy and architecture for a web-based Financial Management System to centralize information while enabling decentralized operations. The client’s desire to create competitive advantage required the design and implementation of a custom solution. We brought to bear X by 2’s pre-built Web Application Development Framework, GF2, to reduce costs, make parallel development easier and accelerate initial launch. Applying our agile and iterative development methodology we deployed highly complex and sophisticated transaction, reporting and data warehousing/OLAP capabilities in record time. We put in place a highly unique and innovative approach for managing the information complexities and changes involved in dealing with huge financial institutions like Citicorp, Mastercard, MBNA, Chase, Discover, etc. and a flexible Communication Channel Architecture for interactions with 3rd parties.

Benefits Realized

  • Improved customer service, streamlined operations, and reduced costs
  • Technology foundation for rapidly integrating new acquisitions and managing growth
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership resulting from use of a proven framework during initial construction, a modular and flexible architecture that facilitates ease of changes and enhancements as well as ongoing maintenance and support.