The proof of the pudding, as they say,                            is in the eating.

Architecture Review

The Client

A widely recognized leader in the specialty insurance industry. Our client provides individual coverage and claim service for residential property such as mobile homes, policies for recreational vehicles such as motor homes, travel trailers, watercraft and motor cycles, and commercial coverage for entities such as RV dealers and manufactured home communities. 

Business Situation

Our client was in the midst of a multi-year, multi-million dollar complex delivery of next-generation web capabilities to benefit its agents and policyholders.  An internal team of more than 60 people was already a few years into the project. Business and IT Leadership and the project teams were frustrated with unanticipated delays and higher-than-anticipated costs. 

They were concerned with the validity and strength of the overall architecture, and questioned how the project “fit” with their broad business objectives. Specific issues such as performance, scalability, security, and SOA readiness were also raised.

Services Provided

  • Repositioned project for success
  • Provided recommendations to simplify and align overall architecture with business goals and objectives
  • Recommended immediate improvements to increase development capacity and through put
  • Project improvements increase overall development efficiencies while controlling costs

Our Work

X by 2 was asked to perform and manage an ”agile” review of the architecture in place, the development processes, and to identify opportunities to accelerate project delivery.  

Based on our experience in architecting and implementing similar solutions in rapid timeframes, we quickly established the organization’s business and architectural vision, priorities and expected outcomes. 

X by 2s architects were sensitive to minimizing disruption of the project team’s daily activities. Project artifacts were thoroughly reviewed. “Time-boxed” interactive discussions were held with designers, developers, and team members from various project areas. We developed models and views of the architecture as it existed, as opposed to how it was envisioned. Sharing the models early and often with key client specialists, we identified weaknesses in the architecture and roadblocks to achieving desired business and architecture objectives.   

X by 2’s review of the development process and methodology determined the extent to which the approach enabled or impeded delivery of functional capabilities in the desired timeframes, and the agility of the development process. 

We contrasted elements of the architecture and development processes against industry best practices, proven architecture principles, design patterns, and approaches. Shortcomings and risks likely to impact business objectives and timelines were identified, as were short-and long-term courses of action. 

A review of this nature, particularly given the size, scope and large internal team, is not strictly about technology. Throughout the Architecture Review – which was completed in 30 days – X by 2’s team of experts acknowledged the “human element” that also ran through the project, respecting the professionalism and pride of workmanship displayed by all members of the client’s team.