The proof of the pudding, as they say,                            is in the eating.


The Client

A Fortune 500 leader in business-to-business office product solutions and retail office products, with a corporate objective of building consumer confidence through enhanced data security and automation of manual processes.

Business Situation

Recognizing the staggering financial impact that identity theft and cashier errors have on retailers and consumers, our client required technology analysis, strategies, and assurance that their Store Systems were secure, and completely PCI and CERTEGY compliant.

Additionally, Store System cash register enhancements for several customer service initiatives were required, and the company was concerned about maintaining the integrity of their systems while their headquarters were moved to another state.

Services Provided

  • Application Architecture and Strategy
  • Performance and Scalability Optimization
  • Advanced Software Development
  • Knowledge Transfer

Our Work

X by 2 architects designed, tested and deployed end-to-end security modules that encrypt credit card numbers and checks scanned at the register, then decrypt them – for specific users – after transmission to the enterprise central system.

The company’s 900 stores off er build-it-yourself computer kiosks, linked to the order desk of a major PC manufacturer. Prior to engaging X by 2, the orders printed from the kiosk listed separate bar codes for each component, and cashiers were required to scan the codes individually. X by 2’s design generated a customer invoice with a “package” bar code. When scanned at the register, each component and its cost list separately and are unchangeable. The technology eliminates manual scans and cashier errors, and is scalable for the addition of other kiosk-purchase services or products in the future.

Benefits Realized

  • Assurance of enterprise Store System integrity and performance.
  • Full compliance with PCI and CERTEGY protocols.
  • Increased POS security and promotion processing for consumers.
  • Enhanced kiosk-purchase capabilities, scalable for the future.