IT transformations for healthcare. The prognosis is good.

Healthcare providers speak a different language. It’s a vocabulary that begins and ends with improved patient care, yet hinges on the complexities of achieving sustainable health costs through alternative partnering models across the full healthcare spectrum (payor to provider to member) and enhanced IT.

X by 2 understands the challenges you face, because we understand the healthcare sector. 

Everything from alternative payment models, to reforms in care coordination and care delivery processes, closer collaboration between payors and providers, and clinical informatics.

Whether environmental changes are being driven by government or industry (and whether those changes are provider-, payor-, or member-focused), your information technology decisions will play an integral role in your future.

But while we’re helping our clients explore the world of tomorrow, we’re also helping them meet the pressing needs of today – including provider, agent, and member portals; core systems (like membership, provider, and claims); EMR; and care management.