Large enterprise projects. It’s a professional quarterback’s league.

Does your technology initiative have a quarterback? Not a project manager, a quarterback. Someone who calls and makes the most difficult plays, adjusts on the fly, and puts his teammates in the best positions to succeed?

If you’re not sure that you have one, you don’t.

Real leadership is practice, action, strength, and decisiveness. Inspiring and optimistic when it can be, realistic and assertive when it has to be. 

You can't win a football game without a quarterback, and you can't navigate a large enterprise project without the right leadership. Administrators, timekeepers, and vacation-granters won’t cut it. Hand-holders and micromanagers need not apply.

When it comes to quarterbacking, X by 2 offers the real deal:  experienced leaders who’ve spent many long years taming complex enterprise projects (succeeding most of the time, and learning from the projects that couldn’t be saved). A team of specialists with a firm background in technology and a strong grasp of business domains. 

Leaders who can take your program by the chinstrap, and simply get the job done.