Enhancing good programs. Saving troubled ones.

An architect's work is never done. During implementation, if unforeseen complications begin to surface, we’ll help diagnose the root cause – whether it’s architecture, project planning, caliber of resources, team structure, execution approach, or something completely unexpected.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll provide you with a clear picture of the situation, along with all of your options, the likely ramifications, and our own recommendations.

Where a troubled initiative can be saved, we’ll save it. And where a program is better laid to rest, we’ll help you make the tough decisions.

Even post-implementation, there’s work to be done. As conditions change, our continuous improvement services can help you refactor or re-architect your systems for stronger, more efficient operations over the long term.

Robust or troubled, all projects stand to benefit from X by 2 turnaround and continuous improvement services, including:

  • Project rescue and turnaround 
  • Project and program diagnosis and assessment
  • Executive options and decision-making framework
  • Architecture audit and refactoring 
  • Performance and scalability optimization 
  • Education and knowledge transfer 
  • Agile methodology adoption 
  • Benefits capture