OUR Approach
With decades of insurance expertise, our AI consultants help carriers leverage the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and combat disruption.
The ability to quickly and accurately process, analyze, and derive insight from vast amounts of data is critical for insurance organizations looking to succeed in today’s digital market. With the help of AI technology, insurers can automate manual processes, better understand their customers, and make more informed decisions. The result? Accelerated claims processing and underwriting, fraud prevention, improved risk assessments and forecasts, and personalized products and services for customers.
With AI experience, data expertise, and deep industry knowledge, our consultants provide end-to-end AI services designed to give life, property and casualty, and multi-line insurers a competitive edge.


  • predictiveundwriting

    Predictive Underwriting & Pricing

    With ML-enabled predictive analytics, automated systems can generate instant and accurate insights for data-driven decision making, allowing insurers to streamline underwriting processes, predict future risks, and improve pricing accuracy.

  • claimsmanagementai

    Claims Processing & Management

    The digital insurance customer wants immediate claims updates at their fingertips. AI enables speedy, zero-touch claims processing and data extraction, helping insurers augment claims workflows and reach customers faster. Empower claims teams to identify and predict outcomes with structured, predictive insights. 

  • frauddetectionai

    Fraud Detection

    As fraud attacks become more nuanced, fraud schemes are increasingly difficult to detect. AI models recognize anomalies and suspicious patterns in claims, enabling insurers to identify fraud attempts and emerging fraudulent behavior before it’s too late.

  • InsuranceCXAI

    Customer Risk, Experience & Personalization

    Gain more insight into at-risk customers, provide personalized customer responses, and learn more about your insureds with predictive models and AI assistance. With AI-driven chatbots, insurers can receive valuable customer information to inform automated responses and predict potential risks.

How does a 130-year-old insurer launch a
first-of-its kind, digital life insurance product?

From mapping your strategy to scaling solutions, our team of data scientists, architects, and developers provide end-to-end AI services.



More important than discovering what’s possible is deciding whether an organization has the infrastructure, data, and technical resources to enable AI. From improving workflows to embedding intelligence in all aspects of operations, our team can develop a strategy and roadmap that addresses your business and customer needs at scale — for success today and into the future.



By simulating performant machine learning models, our team can test the quality and accuracy of data sets and identify unexpected outcomes or issues before entering production. We help clients leverage their exploration period to identify areas of improvement, evaluate user experience, and ensure scalability.


AI Implementation

Once capabilities have been defined and the right infrastructure is in place, our team will work with you to deploy your AI solution into a desired landscape, delivering improved business and customer outcomes and preparing your organization for the future.



We help clients apply the reliability and cost-effectiveness of productization to AI. By developing secure, flexible, and scalable AI solutions and machine learning models, we help clients go to market with products that can be implemented, configured, and customized to multiple enterprise environments.

  • MachineLearning

    Machine Learning (ML)
    & Predictive Analytics

    ML and predictive models process and learn from customer data, providing more accurate insights to inform insurance operations. We help insurers adopt predictive models to enable proactive risk assessments, personalized customer experiences, and more accurate pricing. 

  • NLPai

    Natural Language Processing

    Through automated text analytics and language recognition, we help insurers derive accurate and objective insights from large amounts of unstructured data. NLP-assisted processes help agents make more informed decisions faster and empower customers with immediate and personalized service options.  

  • ComputerVision

    Computer Vision

    With AI powered image analysis, we help insurers extract and identify valuable data from images and video. These insights help human agents reduce claims processing and settlement times, provide more accurate risk assessments and avoid fraudulent claims. 


Unlock the Potential of AI.

Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of AI or ready to take the next step, let’s talk. Email us to set up a short conversation with our AI experts.

Samir Ahmed

Principal & Insurance
Market Lead

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