How it Works

The information below provides insight into our interview process so you know what to expect at every step. Still have questions? No problem. Review our FAQs or contact your recruiter; they’re happy to help.

X by 2 Interview Process
X by 2 Interview Process

Step 1: Application Review

Our team consists of developers, designers, architects and strategists all sharing a unique curiosity and passion for technology. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting your career, browse our open positions and apply online. Our process begins with a thorough review of your application, which takes about 5–10 days. Once the review is complete, our recruiting team will be in contact to schedule the next step.

Step 2: Phone Screen

Once we’ve determined your skills and experience are right for the role, our recruiting team will schedule a short phone interview. Think of it as an informal introduction and opportunity to ask any questions you may have before moving into the official interview stage.
Keep in mind that, while you may be interviewing for a specific role, we often consider candidates for other open positions as we learn more about their career goals and strengths. Feel free to share any relevant interests beyond the position you’re interviewing for — we're all ears.

Step 3: Technical Assessment (Role Dependent)

For some positions, you may be asked to complete an online coding assessment. While the exercise covers a broad range of technical areas, we don’t expect you to know them all. This step is meant to help us understand the depth of your capabilities and technical strengths.

Step 4: Interviews

At this point, you will engage in two rounds of one-on-one interviews with different members of our team. We recognize this is a time investment and understand the need for flexibility. Our recruiters will work to accommodate your needs and find a pace that works best.

Round 1: In your first round of interviews, we’re looking to better understand your technical and leadership experience. Each interview will be conducted by a different X by 2 consultant and cover a specific technical focus area, such as databases, design patterns, algorithms, modern programming languages and other related areas. During this stage, we also encourage you to ask your interviewer about their technical and professional growth at X by 2. They’ll likely share similar areas of expertise with you.

Depending on the role you’re applying for, this round will take approximately 2–3 hours and include a total of 2–3 interviews.

Round 2: During round two, we’ll dive deeper into your professional background, project work and interests. You’ll meet with members of our leadership team to discuss your career progression, previous responsibilities and continued career aspirations. If you’re interviewing for an experienced role, we may also ask that you complete a presentation to demonstrate your consulting skillset.  

Most of your interviewers will be members of our leadership team who share unique perspectives on company history, culture and values. Use this time to ask any remaining questions you may have about our workplace or vision for X by 2. 

Depending on the role you’re applying for, this round will take approximately 2–3 hours and include a total of 2–3 interviews.

Step 5: Candidate Review & Decision

In a collective review, our interviewers share and discuss their individual takeaways regarding your technical experience, leadership strengths, consulting skills and full range of capabilities. If the team determines you’re the right fit, a recruiter will contact you within 1-2 weeks of your last interview to schedule an offer conversation. In this final meeting, you’ll discuss your full offer package including compensation, perks, benefits and any additional questions you may have.
If you accept an offer, congratulations! It’s time to celebrate. Your recruiter will coordinate an official start date and put you in touch with our People and Culture department to start the onboarding process. Welcome to X by 2!


Is the interview process in person or remote?

All interviews will be remote.

Do you follow a remote work model?

Yes, if you’d like! While some X by 2 employees prefer to work remotely, some like to work from the office. We work under a hybrid model to give employees the freedom to choose a schedule that works best for them.

Do I need a computer science degree to apply for consulting positions?

Though a computer science degree is strongly preferred, we also consider candidates with equal professional experience.

What can I expect from a computer science technical assessment?

The exam assesses your strengths in a range of computer science fundamentals, including code reading and writing exercises. General topics include problem solving, data structures, programming literacy, technical literacy and architecture basics. Keep in mind that this assessment is meant to provide further insight into your technical strengths — we don’t expect candidates to excel in all areas.

Do you hire out-of-state candidates?

Yes, we have a handful of team members living out of state and in Canada. Our primary operating hours (9am to 5pm) fall in the Eastern Time Zone, however this may shift slightly based on client location.

What technologies do you use?

Our consultants choose the best tool for the problem, meaning we work with various technologies rather than specializing in a few. Here’s a sample of just some we use:

Technology: Javascript, Typescript, Java, C#, Groovy, Python, R, Scala

Frameworks: React, Angular, Express.js, Quarkus, Spring, JWT, Camel, Quarkus, Kafka, Kubernetes, Hadoop, Spark, AWS Glue

Tools: Jenkins, AWS CLI, VS Code, Git, Splunk, Swagger UI, InteliJ, Postman, Jupyter Notebooks, Flyway, Pandas

Patterns: Flux Architecture, MVVM, MVC, PubSub, Micro-Services, Data Pipeline, Data Lake, Data Mart, Star Schemas

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