TONE Home Health Services Inc., a healthcare services provider
The need for streamlined care coordination, measurable patient outcomes, and real-time collaboration between physicians, patients, and clinicians is a challenge facing home health agencies across the industry.
Unable to find a commercial solution that met the demands of its growing business, TONE Home Health Services decided to develop its own. The team quickly realized its custom solution, Home Health Notify, was something other agencies could leverage to improve patient care, staff accountability, and process efficiency.
X by 2 was asked to help evolve the Home Health Notify mobile and cloud application into a scalable, HIPAA- compliant product ready to hit the market. Additionally, X by 2’s digital experience team identified and designed future product enhancements to improve the application’s competitive edge.
Within four months, X by 2 helped launch Home Health Notify with a next-generation patient experience strategy.


Informed Patients

Improved communication and care coordination between care givers and healthcare providers, resulting in high patient satisfaction ratings.



Empowered Clinicians

Provided simplified, real-time access to the information and tools needed to deliver high-quality care.



Secure & Scalable Platform

Enabled accessible home healthcare delivery management at scale.

“ In a short time, our internal solution became a product accepted by home health agencies across the U.S., and X by 2’s development and design expertise helped get us there. They provided a unique industry perspective, working alongside our team to give us an edge we wouldn’t have with other firms.”
– Salim Bhinderwala,
CEO of TONE Home Health Services Inc., & Founder of Home Health Notify

X by 2 transformed Home Health Notify into a secure, flexible, and scalable product while re-envisioning patient and provider experience as a future product offering.

Technology Advisory & Strategy

  • Assessed the existing solution architecture for scalability, flexibility, and compliance.
  • Developed a technical solution vision/strategy to support core features and functionality.
  • Helped implement a HIPAA compliant AWS Cloud.

Solution Development & Integration

  • Worked in collaboration with TONE’s development team, providing project oversight and technical/ architecture leadership.
  • Helped implement a multi-tenant, scalable architecture capable of supporting thousands of users in real time.
  • Introduced new telehealth capabilities for remote follow-ups and vitals monitoring.

User Experience Future Vision

  • Identified opportunities to improve accessibility, usability, and workflow efficiency.
  • Re-envisioned user journeys and experience:
  • Prioritized patient satisfaction with streamlined care plan management, care scheduling and coordination, and monitoring.
  • Introduced interface design recommendations to enable quick adoption and ease of use.
  • Designed a new scheduling and route management solution to optimize clinician appointments and time.
  • Designed a single holistic view of the patient and targeted treatment plans for clinicians to use during on site visits.
Home Health Notify

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