X by 2’s Clinical
Integration Solution

Our Clinical Integration Solution adapts to EMR vendors across hundreds of healthcare providers, quickly addressing data variations and customizations. Integrate clinical data into your healthcare data platform in weeks instead of months and quickly derive actionable insights you can use to improve outcomes, reduce cost and increase member and physician satisfaction.

Works with these vendors and more!

How it Works

See the value of clinical data in weeks instead of months while addressing variations and customizations across providers. Built to scale, with easy integrations and cloud-native architecture, our solution provides quality data fast.

Clinical Integration Meets Data Quality

X by 2’s Clinical Integration Solution includes pre-built and fit-for-purpose rules that address data quality issues from day one. From overall data management to data parsing, mapping, and monitoring, our accelerator features a data health dashboard for real-time data quality checks and dynamic data management.

The Benefits

In addition to speed, scalability and reduced overall data management costs, our Clinical Integration Solution decreases time to insight, helping drive value-based care models and population health management.


Faster Onboarding

Integrate EMR vendors and onboard new providers in weeks instead of months.



Increased Data Quality

Manage pre-built and fit-for-purpose rules while monitoring data quality in real-time.



Easy Integration

Built using microservices architecture for easy integration with your current data ecosystem.



Cloud Supported

Cloud deployment means no new hardware, easy set up, elasticity and scalability.


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Qasim Hussain

Managing Principal, R&D

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