We Know Insurance.

Combine changing customer expectations, regulatory pressures and increased competition with a technological evolution and you’ll begin to see what insurers are up against. X by 2 has served the industry for over 25 years, helping insurers turn disruption into opportunity and meet the demands of today’s digital consumer. Innovative solutions, personalized products and redefining the relationship between agent and customer is just the start. Through system modernization, seamless customer experience journeys and advanced data analytics, we lead insurers into the future.


Years of Insurance Experience


Successful Initiatives

Leading Insurers Toward the Future.

Our insurance experts help property and casualty, life and annuity and multi-line insurers turn disruption into transformation.

  • Insurance_PropertyandCasualty

    Property & Casualty

    Regulatory pressures, increased competition, and a shift from a product-focused to customer-centric mindset is driving change across the industry. We partner with P&C insurers and turn challenges into opportunities for modernization, innovation and improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Insurance_LifeAnnuity

    Life & Annuity

    A new generation of life insurance customers is coming of age, and they want more. Digital solutions, personalized products and an overall improved experience is just the start. We work with life insurers to meet this new normal by modernizing systems, leveraging data and improving customer interactions.


Specialized Insurance Consulting.

Meet the changing needs of agents, improve operations and deliver unified customer experiences with our specialized insurance services.


Customer Experience

Disruption from insurtech, changing demographics and the demands of today’s digital customer require insurers to rethink the way they do business. Our human-centric approach addresses user experience across the journey.



Core Systems Transformation

To meet the demands of digital consumers, insurers must address aging systems. Our agile approach to core system modernization enables clients to achieve flexibility, scalability and agility, allowing for true business transformation.



Data & Analytics

Data is the insurance industry’s most valuable asset. Our data experts help insurers leverage data into actionable insights that improve business operations, deliver superior customer experiences and drive innovation.



Technology Advisory

With a combination of technical expertise, business acumen and proven insurance experience, our architects and program leaders solve your company’s biggest challenges while aligning business and IT stakeholders.


Our Client Partners

We’re proud to partner with clients who are changing the industry every day.


Insurance Perspectives

From case studies to insightful articles, X by 2’s thought leaders share their insurance experience and expertise.


Start the Conversation.

Whether you’re ready to start a project, have questions about our capabilities, or want to discuss the challenges your company is facing, let’s talk.

Samir Ahmed

Principal & Insurance
Market Lead

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