Our Story

In 1998 a group of consultants decided it was time to do something different. Disillusioned by an industry culture of unhappy clients, high project failure rates, and the push for quantity over quality, their vision was for an altogether more enlightened approach.
And so X by 2 was born.
Originally built on the idea of “Architecture First”, the focus of this new company was set on helping clients proactively engage with, and think through, the projects they were undertaking. This cut a distinctly different path through an industry whose accepted culture was to respond reactively to issues when they emerged. The goal of X by 2 was to simply break the mold.
Coupled with this culture-breaking approach, was an unfaltering commitment to excellence - a refusal for anything but the best. The belief was that X by 2 would not only meet expectations, but continually exceed them. The very name of this new company held this ambition - that all client expectations would be exceeded by at least a factor of two. This was the baseline upon which the team let their unique form of consultancy take shape. It was a message to the industry — X by 2 has arrived.
And so here we are today.
After twenty-five plus years, we still feel like we’re just getting started. Driven by uncompromising values and devotion to excellence, our story continues and our focus remains true — to exceed every expectation with a distinctly different approach to consulting.

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