Single Page Application Architecture: A Project-Proven Approach

Single Page Applications (SPA) are designed to provide customers with a seamless user experience without the delay of reloading page content. This webinar focuses on project-proven strategies we've implemented on multi-year enterprise initiatives.
We'll cover common architecture patterns, the hiring and training process, and common pitfalls when working in this domain.
Jeff Sallans
Associate Director, X by 2
Jason Brown
Senior Consultant, X by 2

Moving Beyond the Silos with a Modern Enterprise Data Platform

Ahsan Siddiqi walks through a strategy developed for a newly appointed Head of Data & Analytics, designed to break down internal data silos across operations and move to a modern enterprise data platform for better reporting and advanced analytics.
Presentation Topics: (1) Developing a current state assessment of data assets and their uses. Identifying inefficiencies, risks, and departmental friction points. (2) Developing a comprehensive enterprise data strategy and architecture. (3) Rationalizing and converging existing projects into a joint strategy. (4) Establishing data governance and cross-functional collaboration.
Ahsan Siddiqi
Director - IT and Data Strategy, Architecture, X by 2
Insurance Nexus, Insurance Analytics Canada Summit
September 2018, Toronto, Canada