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X by 2 Meets the Next Generation of Women in Tech at Rose-Hulman and Grand Valley

X by 2 recruiting is striving to build a strong foundation for women entering the workforce. The first step? Getting to know the next generation of leaders.

On October 11, the X by 2 recruiting team traveled to Grand Rapids to meet with Grand Valley State University’s women in computing group. They were joined by X by 2 software engineers, who spoke on their responsibilities at X by 2, their transition into the workforce and what excited them about the future of computer science.

X by 2 joins “Women in Computing” group at Grand Valley State University.

“We’re always working toward making X by 2 a more diverse and equitable workplace, so these opportunities to connect are very important to us as an organization,” Head of Recruiting Jordan Biebuyck says, “We’d love to expand our network and continue to engage other groups or organizations that share our passion for tech.”

In September, X by 2 also travelled to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, based in Terre Haute, Indiana, to host a networking event for their student-led women in computing group dubbed the “WOLFPAC’ — Women of Like Fields Passionate About Computing.

Pictured above: the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology student-led computing group, WOLFPAC.

X by 2’s Rose-Hulman alumni joined to speak with the group, share their professional experiences and extend some advice for women joining the industry. The discussion prompted Rose-Hulman students to also share their unique experiences and perspectives.

“I think a lot of people underestimate women’s skills and impact in the field of computer science,” shared Rose-Hulman sophomore Naziia Raitova, “I think we should empower more girls by letting them know that they are smart enough to do anything. This is just something that we, as a society, should encourage.”

Despite the challenges they face as women in a male-dominated industry, the group has hope for the future, and finding community among other women is key.

“I am optimistic about the prevalence of women in technology increasing with time,” said Nyomi Morris, a senior at Rose-Hulman, “I certainly see the value in encouraging young girls to see the value that they have in the tech world, and I hope to inspire others through my work.”

According to Biebuyck, X by 2 will continue to build communities for women in tech, through mentorship, networking and connecting with the future generation of leaders.