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X by 2 Top Workplaces 2022

Listening to team members followed by results-driven action is winning formula for X by 2

Scott Talley, Detroit Free Press
Published November 20, 2022
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Farmington Hills headquartered X by 2 LLC, a custom software development and consulting firm, earned a No. 4 ranking among small companies in the 2022 Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces competition. And a key ingredient in the firm’s secret success sauce is the simple art of listening, says Leslie Zager, X by 2’s director of marketing.

“Every year our culture improves because our team members speak up and leadership listens, and more than just listening, they act,” Zager explained. “I have never worked for a company where employee feedback was prioritized and acknowledged the way it is at X by 2. Unfortunately, most companies still have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude, but the first thought of X by 2’s leadership is: ‘How do we fix this?’ ”

Zager revealed that her company’s culture was put to the test during 2022 as X by 2 adopted a hybrid-remote work model.

“As an organization, you fear losing the connection and the culture you worked so hard to build if people are not in the office full-time; however, 2022 showed us how strong our culture really is,” Zager stated. “When people come into the office now, it’s because they want to be there; they want to connect in-person. And for those who prefer to work remotely, or work out of state, we offer virtual ways to stay connected. Having the flexibility of remote work has really improved our culture and strengthened us as a team.”

Zager said X by 2’s successful execution of a hybrid-remote work model also has involved going the extra mile to ensure team members are maintaining work-life balance.

“Trying to understand and recognize the pressures our team might be feeling, both in and out of the office, and provide the support and resources they need has had a positive impact on our team,” she said. “The pandemic changed so much; while working remotely offers flexibility, it can also make it hard to separate work and home life. Many of our young people finished college and started their careers completely online — it’s a lot! We’ve always promoted work life balance but prioritizing mental health and wellness has been vital to the strength and success of our team.”