For insurers, handling claims accurately, efficiently and quickly is essential. However, this insurer’s legacy claims administration platform was no longer up to the task. The insurer required a modern claims system to keep up with business changes, reduce loss adjustment expenses and leakage, and streamline the claims adjudication process for their 1,500 claims processors and adjusters that spread across their home office and more than 80 claims branches across the United States.

The solution needed to include better management of the claims lifecycle and tasks, improved integration capabilities, better enforcement of business rules, finer-grained data collection and more effective workload and resource management for branch managers.


The insurer engaged X by 2 to provide a comprehensive and objective analysis that would lead to choosing the best-fit claims solution for their unique distributed claims organization and business processes.

X by 2 performed and facilitated a buy vs. build analysis and recommendation which included a total cost of ownership analysis that eventually led to a decision to buy a new claims system. X by 2 then performed a package evaluation and helped the client select the solution that best fit their business goals, objectives, functional needs and non-functional needs (architecture qualities).

X by 2 continued the engagement with our client by helping mobilize the implementation team, developing the initial implementation roadmap and providing overall program, technical and architecture leadership during the implementation and rollout of major lines of business on the new claims system, Guidewire ClaimCenter, including Personal Property, Personal Auto and Commercial Auto.


X by 2’s objective and thorough analysis of the entire spectrum of options available, including solutions developed using in-house resources and available within the marketplace, helped facilitate a clear and consensus-oriented decision between business and IT stakeholders to embark on replacing the legacy claims system.

At the time, the claims modernization program was the largest in scope and size, the most complex and the most strategic IT initiative for the Fortune 500 insurer. X by 2 provided program, technical and architecture leadership throughout the strategy and successful implementation of the claims modernization journey for the insurer. The implementation and delivery were deemed “best run” and became a model to follow for similar large and strategic initiatives within the insurer’s organization. The implementation of the modern claims platform continues to bear fruit in the form of innovative and strategic business and claims transformation initiatives.