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Our client’s core business focused on enabling healthcare providers to maximize incentives received from payer value-based programs, while also improving quality of care and optimizing operations. As value-based care expanded across the industry, our client wished to broaden their market reach and increase service offerings.
Foundational to the success of this growth was developing a new way for client analysts and data scientists to help physician partners quickly identify quality improvement and gaps in care closure opportunities, while also taking a deeper look into revenue generating and cost savings options. However, the client’s current vendor solution was complicated, slow, manual, and inhibited their ability to derive actionable insights to bring about improvements.


Improvement in quality performance for 900 network physicians



Patient gaps in care closed



Medical spend reduction for ACO client

Simply collecting data is not enough. Healthcare organizations must unlock actionable insights they can apply across the enterprise to improve patient care, ensure compliance, personalize customer experiences and accelerate innovation.

A modern cloud-based data platform for supporting all value-based and provider analytics and reporting.

Data Integration
Plan (member, claims, provider, gaps, and risk data), Clinical, and HIE
  • 8 Health Plans
  • 12+ EMRs
  • 100+ Clinics
  • 4 HIEs
Reporting & Analytics
  • Provider Quality – HEDIS (30 measures), EBCR and analytics, gaps in care and treatment opportunities, cost and utilization trends
  • PCMH and Physician Incentive Programs
  • Revenue Management
Case Study Cloud Platform
X by 2 Accelerator Solutions Leveraged
Clinical Data Integration Solution
Adapts to EMR vendors across hundreds of healthcare providers, quickly addressing data variations and customizations and shortening time to insight.
Data Quality Solution
Fit-for-purpose solution enabled our client to rapidly target and remediate their most critical data quality issues. Data health dashboard provides real-time data quality checks and dynamic data management.
Healthcare Data Models
Proven models reduced time to value through integration of data into enterprise reporting, analytics and operational processes, increasing interoperability and improving outcomes.
Use Cases
Bringing all of the data together in order to identify gaps in care and treatment opportunities, disease and chronic disease identification, as well as cost and utilization trends.
The X by 2 approach improved
and modernized key areas:
  • Architecture

Rigid (before)
Lack of external integration points and data accessibility
Flexible (after)
Scalable, cloud-based platform able to grow with increased demands
  • Processes

Vendor Dependent (before)
Cumbersome workflows, manual processes still required
Self-Sufficient (after)
Automated workflows, self-service reporting, data gathering
  • Software/Tools

Heavy (before)
Complex and slow to change with expensive/recurring vendor costs
Lightweight (after)
Easier onboarding and training; increased speed to market
  • Data/Reports

Fragmented (before)
Data across repositories, lack of canned reports, poor data quality
Consolidated (after)
Reduced complexity, automated reporting, improved data quality

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