OUR Approach
Certified in AWS and Azure, our cloud architects will develop an end-to-end strategy that aligns business and IT objectives and sets the foundation for your cloud journey.
Migrating services and operations to the cloud can be a challenging task. Many criteria influence an enterprise’s cloud strategy, and selecting the right vendor and tools is just the beginning. By analyzing the current state landscape, classifying pain points and success metrics and identifying an ideal future state, our cloud experts help organizations develop practical cloud strategies and roadmaps.


Automated builds, deployments and patches. Enforcing auditable configuration changes and logging.


Security enablement through limited access, auditing, managed secrets and encryption. Meeting and exceeding regulations and standards for HIPAA, HITECH and SOX compliance.


Measuring and achieving financial goals through right-sized and optimized service utilization.


Appropriate components, tools and managed services. Leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) for consistent environment management.


Shifting to containers, managed servers and serverless applications. Enabling automated load-balancing, scaling, replication and failover.


Monitoring workloads, automating processes and anticipating and responding to failures.


  • cloud_vendors

    Vendor Analysis & Recommendation

    Based on cost, capabilities, alignment with existing technology stacks and other metrics, we provide a comparative analysis of cloud vendors and tools to inform cloud goals and decisions.

  • cloud_successmetrics

    Defined Success Metrics

    Our team defines measurable and observable criteria, such as improved performance and scalability, lower cost or reduced team sizes, to work toward in a future-state solution.

  • cloud_roadmap

    Technology & Business Roadmaps

    We collaborate with businesses to develop realistic timelines, budgets and staffing plans that enable cloud success.

  • cloud_cost

    Resource Cost Analysis

    Our experienced consultants project the total cost of cloud ownership, comparing on-premises servers to managed cloud services.

  • cloud_improvement

    Continuous Improvement Plan

    Our agile approach to cloud transformation enables us to set short-, mid- and long-term priorities to achieve the desired future state.

  • cloud_compliance

    HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

    By restricting access to systems, securing sensitive data and implementing audits, we support and ensure compliance with national security and privacy laws.

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Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Implementation

Cloud Implementation

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Business & Technology Transformation for Healthcare & Insurance

Helping Healthcare Organizations Transform.

Our innovative yet pragmatic approach to the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry allows payers and providers to transform the way they do business, while focusing on what matters most, patient care.

Transformation for P&C and Life Insurers.

We help Property and Casualty and Life insurers embrace industry disruption with transformational solutions that address the changing needs and increased demands of both agents and policyholders.


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