OUR Approach
Digital solutions must be more than user-friendly, they must be valuable, credible and enjoyable. Increase user engagement and loyalty by evaluating your product through the eyes of your customer.
Customer expectations and the demands they have for digital experiences is constantly increasing. What worked last year, or even last month, may no longer be enough. Our experts will help you identify, evaluate and address usability, while uncovering opportunities for optimization and new ways to deliver on business goals.


We begin by reviewing the overall design and functionality of your application, evaluating and prioritizing user needs and business objectives.


By evaluating hard data and observing user behavior we uncover roadblocks to user engagement and hidden opportunities for improvement.

Visualize & Document

We'll provide recommendations for further action, along with an implementation plan highlighting priorities for optimization.

Who Needs a User Experience Assessment?

Our new app isn't reaching its goals.

We have an inconsistent user experience.

We need to know where to start optimizing.


  • CX_Icons_Understand

    Understand Business & User Objectives

    We’ll ensure user needs and expectations are met and aligned with business goals.

  • CX_Icons_Workflow

    Workflow & Visual UI Audits

    Our team will review, test and validate select functionality and key user interactions.

  • CX_WorkshopIcon

    Identify Opportunities for Improvement

    Uncover more effective and efficient ways to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

  • CX_Icons_Vision

    Create a Vision for Optimized Experience

    We’ll provide detailed recommendations and mock-ups for your future-state solution.

Let's Start Innovating.

Learn more about our capabilities.

X by 2 Innovation Workshops

X by 2 Innovation Workshops

Digital Experience Strategy

Digital Experience Strategy

Visualization & Prototyping

Visualization & Prototyping

UI/UX Design & Development

UI/UX Design & Development

User Experience Assessment

User Experience Assessment