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Why Worry About Business Architecture?

Many companies are engaging in large transformation initiatives with the goal of not only modernizing their technology but also creating a more efficient workflow that is powered with better technology to tackle new challenges and growth.

In many of these cases, there is a clear need for a modernized technology architecture as the systems requiring modernization are antiquated. With a significant technology shift, the need for architectural guidance is clear, and as a result, many projects are staffed with various technology architects to ensure alignment with the established standards. Many organizations realize the need for enterprise-wide guidance and have created architecture groups or departments with the sole purpose of providing enterprise-level technology guidance. While this is all well and good, many organizations fall short when it comes to a similar architectural discipline on the business side.

This article argues for the importance of effective business architecture in organizations as a way to, among other things, optimize processes and create standards that enable business technology success.

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Originally published by 
Becker’s Hospital Review